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The exhibitions "Pharaohs and People in ancient Egypt"&"Tokai University and Space Archeology"have been held
Two exhibitions "Pharaohs and People in ancient Egypt" and "Tokai University and Space Archeology" have been held from January 31 to April 5, 2015 at Yokohama Museum of Eurasia Cultures.
In "Pharaohs and People in ancient Egypt", approximately 200 artifacts from Tokai University collection have been introduced. The Tokai university collection is composed of archaeological artifacts from Egypt, Near Eastern in the ancient times. It was made and donated to Tokai University by Mr. Hachishi Suzuki who was one of the pioneers of the Egyptology in Japan as well as the professor emeritus at Tokai University.
TRIC cooperated with digitization, restoration and preservation of the film of the collection since 2011, and also collaborated of the exhibition in this time.

For the exhibition, a 4K image movie of the Nile basin using various satellite images and field photographs was provided and showed earth surface features such as topography and spectral characteristics from Sudan to the Mediterranean Sea.
Tokai University and Space Archeology" was a panel exhibition about the research in Space Archeology which has been carried out more than 20 years by TRIC.
A satellite Terra/MODIS image covering the Nile basin printed with a size of 1.8m width, 3.5m height was displayed in the center of the exhibition, and besides the research results of archeological studies mainly discoveries of five archaeological sites in Egypt using satellite data by us were introduced.
On weekends, gallery takings by the professional about Space Archaeology were held.

Finally, these exhibitions had a total number of 13,331 visitors including the Egyptian ambassador.
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